I had the chance to visit Rome and Vatican City in March, 2017 for several days. I had no itinerary, no schedule, but just to see and photograph the city. How often can you say that when going to a place? 🙂 Since this was my first time, I plan to hit all the touristy spots. By the end of my trip, I rack up almost 50 miles of walking according to my FitBit!

There’s so much to see in Rome. I didn’t go inside that would require for me to stay in a long line. So I didn’t go inside the Vatican Museum, or St. Peter’s Basilica. I plan to save those for my next trip 😉

Enjoy the images below!


On one of the days that I was there, I hired Rome Photography Workshop to take me around the most famous attractions. I booked with the owner, Claudia, who was very accommodating to my schedule, it was very painless. I meet up with Giulio on a very early morning in front of the Castel Sant’Angelo. Giulio knows the city very well. He also gave me some tips on composing my photos so they don’t look like most of the other shots. But the most important thing Giulio did was take me to this local coffee shop not too far from the Pantheon, where I get to eat with the locals. The food was so great there that I ended up going back there to have lunch after our photo walk. If you ever find yourself in Rome and need a photo guide, I would highly recommend you contact Claudia and tell her I sent you there.

Aperture: ƒ/8   Camera: X100F   Focal length: 23mm   ISO: 200   Shutter speed: 1/1000s   


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