A lot of proverbial ink has already been spilled over how good the Fuji X70 camera is, or how great the X-Trans sensor by Fuji is, so I’m not even going to attempt to do any kind of review here. I will leave that to the experts who have done a marvelous job.

But I just can’t help but add into the accolades of this little camera that could, especially for making street images.

I stayed up late in the evening (or rather, very early morning here in New Hampshire) when Fuji announced the X70 back in January, 2016 because I was anticipating the release of the 100-400 mm lens for my X-T1. I have heard of the X70 from rumor sites months before the release, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it.

After the event, I pre-ordered the X70 instead. Well, I eventually bought the 100-400 mm lens as well, but way after it has been released.

I told myself how this little camera could change the way I would make street images, and “myself” didn’t need much convincing 🙂

When I finally received the camera, I didn’t really get a chance to go out and shoot right away, until one of my Meetup groups decided to do a Street Photography in Boston, so I jumped on it.

We started at the Sullivan Square train station in the city, and walked around Haymarket and Faneuil Hall areas. This was around very early Spring, which really means still Winter here in New England, and the weather started a little misty, which is prime time for shooting such as this. You get lots of puddles, reflections, and such, in which the tilt screen of the X70 really came in handy. I love shooting low, if you can’t already tell from my photos. Also, as Dan Splaine who led our Meetup group always says, “Anybody can take good pictures in good weather!”, which I totally concur.

Because of its size, the X70 allows me to take shots that I would not have taken otherwise.

Aperture: ƒ/4   Camera: X70   Focal length: 18.5mm   ISO: 400   Shutter speed: 1/250s   

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